Pick up the pace

Just popping in to say hi!

I am having a blast with my sister, her boyfriend, and “the crew” .  I will post a recap of what we did during the day, yummy stuff we ate/drank, and cool stuff I saw when I get home.  For now, I will be brief so I can enjoy the good company!  Started the day with another beautiful run in this perfect weather.  I could so get used to running in 65-75 degree weather in the morning.

Goal today: PICK UP THE PACE! (accomplished ,YAH!)

How cool!! Ran by the WB Studios!!! I tried to peak, but they have it blocked off pretty well!
Strong > Skinny.

IMG_2477 IMG_2484

We are off for another adventure!  Have a wonderful, fabulous, gorgeous, silly, happy, yummy, rad, Sunday!!!



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