sunshine, running, puppies, and the best peanut butter you’ll ever have

Hi Y’all!  Happy Saturday!!

Amazing day so far.  Not bad when you can say that at 11 AM. 

Nothing like walking outside early in the morning with your skimpy running clothes on and feeling perfectly comfortable, NOT cold even a little bit.  Sorry San Francisco, this is one thing Burbank does right… warm weather!  The other awesome thing about running in Burbank??  Another runner said “Hi, Good Morning!” to me!!! When he first said it, I was so shocked that I didn’t say hi back until he was already past me!  In SF I avoid all eye contact while running and stopped smiling at other runners a while back because I was getting some odd and blank stares back.  The other cool part about running here is that you can run through sprinklers if you get too hot.  My legs got a nice spray (unintentionally) while running and it was very refreshing.

Beautiful sky this morning!
I like shades that cover 1/2 of my face.
Nike Lunar Glides never let me down.


After my run, my sister and I took a walk with the puppies.  Well, I guess they are not technically “puppies” but I pretty much call all cute, little dogs puppies.  I came on a good weekend when my sister happened to be dog sitting.  I really miss having an animal around!  I thought growing up on a farm would make me NEVER want to have an animal when I was older…. I was wrong.



Tough life, hanging out with these pups!

I also have to tell you about the best peanut butter in the world.  My sister told me about this PB a long time ago and I finally got to try it today.  My life is complete.


Walk/drive Run/speed and ignore all stop lights to the store and buy this.  It is freakin Ahhh-maa-zzing.  I spread some on a gluten free flax muffin (also insanely delicious) and was so in love.

Have to run!  We are leaving for an adventure.  Hope you’re having the time of you life.  If not, go outside and change that.



6 thoughts on “sunshine, running, puppies, and the best peanut butter you’ll ever have

  1. This is great! Love “the crew.” Glad you are having an awesome time. Hope your adventure is great!
    I want to try the p.butter w you!

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