I pictured this first post in my mind many times.  I told myself  it would have to be witty, cool, funny, engaging, captivating, strong, awesome, inspiring, brilliant, well written, not too short or too long, relatable, powerful, and PERFECT.

I told myself that when ALL of those characteristics were meshed into a piece of writing (which would magically pop into my head) I would type them on this blog with satisfaction and my first post would be born….

But, in reality this random “thing” has become my FIRST post and even if it is not all of those amazing things aforementioned, I am in love.  There is something about this idea of FIRSTS that really makes me smile.  Maybe it is the freshness, the possibility, and the excitement of something brand new.  Maybe it is the clean slate in front of me and the thrill of smudging it up for the very first time.

“Firsts” as scary as they may seem, are actually freaking awesome! Think about it… First kisses, first places, first races, first bites, first in line, first in your class, first to finish, first loves, and first times.

I am more than thrilled to share this first with all of you.  I’m overjoyed to be starting this blog and hope that even just one person can relate, enjoy, or smile when they read what I write.  I will share things I love, things I’m curious about, things I’m learning, and things that I am utterly passionate about.  I may even share things that are sad, worrisome, or scary but I promise to only sprinkle the “tough stuff” posts in.

I believe very strongly in moving your body (in whatever way you love and will actually do) and eating whole foods.  I truly believe that food, exercise, and positivity are the most powerful medicines.  I look forward to hearing what you all have to say in the comments of this blog (if you so choose) and am so excited to share my journey with you!

Here is to all of the amazing “firsts” out there!!!


6 thoughts on ““firsts”

  1. I love you HR! So proud of you & excited for the many doors you’re walking through, in either direction. You’re an amazing woman who inspires so many! -JS

    1. Thanks for taking the time to read JS! Like I said yesterday, you are one of the women who continually inspires me to be the best that I can be! LOVE YOU!

  2. Congratulations on beng an official member of the worldwide blogisphere! Prepare to spend a lot of quality time writing and photographing. But when will you fit this in between running, working, yoga, excercise classes and sleeping. And please don’t forget to EAT! I love your new blog!

    1. Awe Taya!!! Thanks for reading & thanks for the welcome to blogworld. That is a very good question… where in the world will I squeeze this in? haha! Sounds like my usual life doesn’t it?? Miss you! XO

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