Sunday RUN day & the best muffins in the world

Happy Sunday everyone!

I started my day off right with a great 10.8 mile run to the Embarcadero.  I used these Gu Chomps as fuel.  I have had good luck with these suckers on longer runs- the texture is great, flavor is fabulous (watermelon is particularly good, peach tea is a close second) and they are easy to pop in your mouth while on the go.  After my  run it was time for some foam rolling, yoga, and a warm shower.  


The next item on the agenda was baking raspberry chocolate chip muffins AKA the best muffins in the world.  I thank my lucky stars for ever having stumbled upon this recipe.  The woman responsible for these tasty gems is the Detoxinista and not only does she rock the coolest name on the web, her site is full of amazing recipes.  I have made many of her creations and have never been let down.  
The great thing about these muffins is that they are dairy and gluten-free, meaning that I won’t die if I eat them.  Check out the recipe here!  

Enjoy the rest of your Sunday!!! It is time to relax 

What did you do today?  

What is the most tasty thing you ate this weekend? 



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