Running for the fun of it

Man, I almost forgot how great running feels.

That’s right, I am off my running break & slowly easing my way back into my training.  On Wednesday I attended what I think should definitely be an annual affair- Run with the Bus!  A huge shout out and hug goes out to Kelley from Motion Starved for organizing such a fabulous event.

So here is how it all went down:

First, Kelley went over the instructions for racing the 6:30 PM, 22-Fillmore bus.  Lots of laughing and demo’ing necessary.


My love snapped pictures of me as I got my stretch on.


Lali boarded the bus that we were racing.

picture stolen from

We did our 20 jump squats (amazing way to start a race,  no?) & then off we went, chasing after the bus.

1017536_493484034061481_536980778_n IMG_2873

We had to obey traffic signals, so I lost the bus initially…but then I caught up & Lali snapped a few more pics of me from inside the bus!


Around the corner and UP THE HILLS we went.  Man, I forgot how unrelenting San Francisco hills are!!

Finally,  I saw the bus ahead!  Then sprinted my way to the finish, where Lali was just getting off the bus!  SUCCESS!

I was informed by an Athleta employee (thanks again!!) that I did pretty good & didn’t even know it. Oblivious is my middle name.

My token “eyes half closed” pose.


We cheered the incoming runners & I couldn’t wipe a big cheesy grin off my face.  It felt great to run again and even more great was the way I broke my non-running streak… Running for the fun of it with awesome, supportive people at an even more awesome event, put on by an even more totally awesome woman!  (wow, that is a lot of awesome, think I need to chill out now).

Then, we made our way to Athleta for some yummy snacks, Hint water & Evolution Fresh juice.

Finally, Kelley announced the winners, awards, and raffle picks.  Woo hoo for an Athleta gift card!!!

Of course I made sure to get a few hugs in. What can I say, I love hugs.

There we go again with the sleepy eyes !

Overall, It was a great night!  I was so happy Lali came and rode in the bus that I was racing & I’m convinced it made me run a little faster 😉  I can’t wait to run with the bus next year!

Have you ever raced a bus, car, bike???

Do you ever run just for fun?

Hope you had a fabulous weekend!



6 thoughts on “Running for the fun of it

  1. I have never ever before heard of an event like this…. and I LOVE it!! How funnnn!! You are totally right about remembering how FUN running is! So glad you got to run and let loose and laugh and enjoy! Such important things in life 🙂
    Great job on the “race” …. I would love to find something fun like that around Indianapolis!

  2. Oh Hal! What a wonderful report! Thank you again for coming, for your support and for all you do to spread the run and fitness love! You are an inspiration and AWESOME young woman! May your life be filled with even more awesome than you can imagine! Kisses to Lali for coming and taking the bus! Run strong!

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