Valley of the Sun

Lake Pleasant, AZ: The air was still and the sky ominous.  Each wash filled with an array of rocks, so pretty that I walked with my head down for hours.  I kept wondering how the hell so many beautiful rainbow colored chunks of earth ended up in one place at one time. We found sun bleached bones […]

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NWM training recap & Expo fun

In January I was compelled to start training for a full marathon.  I announced my goal here on the blog, which made me even more excited than I already was. In May, I ran the Whiskey Row 1/2 Marathon in Prescott, Arizona knowing that the high altitude and hilly course would be a perfect training […]

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Big news

Why hello! Hope you’re well!  I have big news! I signed up for my first FULL MARATHON!!!  I will be running the Nike Women’s Marathon on October 20th & I couldn’t be more excited.  I officially began training this morning! The time has come for me to stop telling myself that this distance is too daunting, […]

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