Apology not accepted

The other day while waiting to order my coffee I heard a woman apologize three times for ordering decaf, which was out, meaning that the staff had to make a fresh pot.  The way she carried herself and repeatedly apologized made me angry, uncomfortable, and annoyed.  Her body language screamed, I am so not worth […]

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I can’t seem to say it enough

Hello loves! I have been writing up a storm (off the blog) and thought I would share this little snippet today: They say we meet everyone in our life for a reason.  I remember the exact moment I whole-heartedly believed this statement.  We were sitting in a restaurant, my new friend Kelly and I.  Sweaty palmed […]

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Self Confidence Starts at Home

This You Are Beautiful encounter literally brought tears to my eyes.  Four generations of strong, beautiful women  The few moments I spent with these women reminded me how important it is to teach your children to love themselves.  Self confidence starts at home.  Children watch, listen, and learn from their parents.  Ultimately, this helps the […]

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Repeat after me…

I finally saw The Help a few days ago and absolutely loved this scene. I think everyone could tell themselves and others that they are smart, beautiful, worthy, strong, kind, witty, and/or totally freakin awesome more often! I spent months years of my life worrying about what I wasn’t and putting myself down. We really […]

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You go, birthday girl!

My beautiful friend is celebrating her birthday by running her first 1/2 marathon today!!!! Can you think of a better way to celebrate yourself?!  I sure can’t. JS- if you’re reading this, I hope you know how incredibly proud of you I am.  Your first 1/2!!!  You are an inspiration to me in so many […]

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