From the bottom of my heart…

THANK YOU!!!! To every single person who took the the time to read my last post and to every kind soul that took the time to comment, email, text, & Facebook message me.  Your thoughtfulness, understanding, and respect has moved me.  I was so terrified to post anything too revealing for many reasons.  Truth is, I had […]

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It gets easier

When I first started blogging, I was terrified to be totally real.  I have never wanted to label myself by putting too much emphasis on my history, but the fact of the matter is, an eating disorder and body dysmorphia ruled my life for many years.  There are many things I missed out on, things I […]

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Applauding Our Real Self

This weeks You Are Beautiful encounter was incredibly inspiring and thought provoking. What I first noticed about Kathy is that she had a beautiful smile. When I approached her, she seemed reluctant to discuss body image with me initially, saying that she had a terrible body image. Her story starts as early as age 5 when she […]

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Self Confidence Starts at Home

This You Are Beautiful encounter literally brought tears to my eyes.  Four generations of strong, beautiful women  The few moments I spent with these women reminded me how important it is to teach your children to love themselves.  Self confidence starts at home.  Children watch, listen, and learn from their parents.  Ultimately, this helps the […]

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One important question

My mission to spread YAB stickers has become a total passion of mine.  I have stuck them on street signs, walls, benches, mirrors, doors, utility boxes, soap dispensers, bike racks, parking meters, mail boxes, bus stops, trash cans, and more. Even though a YAB sticker is small, its message is powerful and very meaningful to me. Imagine […]

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You are beautiful campaign

I am on a mission to spread this message: I have wasted too many minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, and years of my life not accepting myself.  For as long as I can remember I was self conscious.  I remember writing in my diary in the second grade, that if only I was skinnier, my […]

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