The way love makes you move

Darling, Move the way love makes you move.   Sashaying, skipping, frolicking, spinning, arms in the air, hair flying wildly about.  Move into everything you possibly can with the joy of love propelling you forward with every step.  Move into uncomfortable, new things with intrigue. When you move the way fear makes you move you […]

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unapologetically, you

Happy Monday my loves! You know what I find really interesting?  Well, scary actually.  The more I use mantras, practice yoga, and meditate, the more work I feel like I need.  Isn’t that the opposite of what should be happening? HAHA! Or so I thought… Tuning in instead of numbing out is beautiful.  Beautiful, but damn […]

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Live More Healthy Days

So knock on wood but I haven’t caught the “thing” going around the office lately.  I, like most people I assume, hate getting sick.  I have a really hard time functioning when I am not feeling 100%, so when I am sick… watch out! (what can I say? I wear my heart on my sleeve). […]

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