Hello darlings, I hope you are well.  I spent my 10 day vacation back home (San Francisco).  I walked around the city for 9 hours my first day, until my feet were so sore I was forced to stop. I was flooded with memories on every street, reminded of good times and bad on every […]

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Killer Curry Cravings

I would seriously contemplate doing highly illegal things right now for some good Indian food.  Seventeen days.  No San Francisco.  No Aloo Gobi.  No Chicken Tikka.  No Papadam.  I may die.  Spicy Bite, Alhamra, Mehfil… I dream of your scrumptious dishes. Three words…Killer. Curry. Cravings. A few things I miss since leaving San Francisco: 1) Indian […]

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So this is heartbreak.

I am officially about 765 miles from home.  Home, if you need the reminder, is San Francisco.  Even though I no longer have a physical address in San Francisco, I truly have left my heart there.  The 13+ hours of driving were successful and I arrived in one piece… this, I am grateful for.  Right […]

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I passed! & BIG NEWS

Hello! Hope your weekend was happy!  Mine was quite eventful. Saturday I passed a very important exam- my Ophthalmology exam.  I am now a Certified Ophthalmic Assistant (“COA”)! Sunday, I spent the entire day with a very dear friend of mine.  We had a delicious brunch, even more delicious coffee, spent an embarrassingly long time […]

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Gift tips & coupon codes!

Holiday gift giving time is here!  In the true hippie, eco-friendly, sustainable, small business loving, spirt of the most wonderful city in the world (ahem, San Francisco) I thought I would share a little list of goodies with you that are off the beaten path… Maybe, just maybe, this holiday season you can pick one or […]

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Best friends have the best ideas

Happy Weekend!! We are freezing to death here in San Francisco.  Single pane windows, no central heating, and old victorian buildings are not conducive to arctic temperatures.  But, I am layering up and using this opportunity to wear my glitter leg warmers. What a week of fun I had… Cirque Du Solei show with my […]

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