Nothing is ever good enough syndrome

Do you know someone who is “Type-A”? A perfectionist?  An overachiever?  Maybe you have been called one of these things or self-identify?  I know there have been a few “serious posts” lately and I promise light-hearted, leopard print wearing, chocolate eating, street art reporting, SF loving posting will be back again soon… but for now, […]

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Our summer has arrived!!!

Happy 3-day weekend to you!!!!  It’s official, San Francisco has finally warmed up!  I (and every other resident) have been outside for as many sunny moments  as humanly possible the past few days.  It’s funny when everyone is saying goodbye to summer, we are saying hello. The best part about having a 3-10 day summer… […]

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Balancing act

Happy Saturday!!! These past few days have been challenging to say the least. My job can be very intense and this last week was no exception. I missed the blogging world for a few days but I think that was just what I needed. I also cut a run short and went to bed early […]

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My first love

Hey!  It’s finally Friday! We made it 😉 Yesterday, I took the time to slow down and go to a yoga class.  I do my own practice at home but there is nothing like going to an hour and a half class that is structured and well taught.  Since increasing my running over the past […]

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