Burrito Bowls

Happy Wednesday everyone! I have officially outdone myself… Introducing BURRITO BOWLS (City Sneakers style)!!! I created this recipe on the fly last night and I think it is safe to say, it was everything I want a recipe to be: quick, easy, delicious, healthy, and packed with flavor!   How to’s: 1) Cook rice or be lazy […]

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Sweet Saturday & an 8 mile run

Hello! Saturday means no 5 AM wakeup call, what a sweet treat!  Yesterday was a crazy day at work but it ended with such a pleasant surprise… A gift card to one of my favorite stores!! Patients at my work can fill out little “excellent” forms when they receive good care.  At our staff meeting the […]

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It’s Friday, I’m in love!

HAPPY (fitness) FRIDAY!!!! The Cure said it best…. I am in love with Friday too.  I am also in love with a few other things this week: 1) Early morning runs-  Just.Can’t.Get.Enough.  (WHO AM I? And where did my evil, snooze-button pushing twin go?) 2) Green smoothies with unsweetened coconut flakes 3) Yoga-   I took an […]

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Sorry I’m not sorry

Hey! Goodbye sweet weekend and hello Monday morning.  In honor of the sweetness of Saturday & Sunday I have for you not one but TWO salty, sweet, veg treats to start your week.  And of course, these healthy “snacky-treats” won’t leave you with a belly ache or food coma.  Sorry I’m not sorry (for eating em […]

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Back to reality

Hey there! I’m home! This means back to reality (work, studying, “chorey-type” things). I had a fabulous vacation and feel very rejuvenated. It was hard leaving my sister, but knowing I get to see her again soon made it a little easier. What the heck did I do for the past four days?? A few […]

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Kale, I love you!

Did you have a good Thursday? I am feeling 99.8% better than I was yesterday and will be able to resume all of my normal workout/run habits starting tomorrow!  Woo hoo! Last night I became Susie Homemaker. It’s amazing what you can get done with all of this extra time on your hands. The extra […]

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Good-for-me things

Hi there! I hope you had a fabulous Monday!  I had an insane work day (so we will skip right over that subject).  I was very happy that I had a BURN class to look forward to tonight.  I thought about how great it would be for me a few times today when things got […]

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I pictured this first post in my mind many times.  I told myself  it would have to be witty, cool, funny, engaging, captivating, strong, awesome, inspiring, brilliant, well written, not too short or too long, relatable, powerful, and PERFECT. I told myself that when ALL of those characteristics were meshed into a piece of writing […]

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