Detox Daiquiri recipe

Happy Monday to you! I hope you ate too much guacamole and screamed “touchdown!!!” at the top of your lungs yesterday.  Today you can continue to celebrate your team’s victory or drown your sorrows with my Detox Daiquiri.  Your liver & tastebuds will thank you. DETOX DAIQUIRI What you need:           […]

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Vega a day

Did you get a chance to blend up something delicious yet?  If you missed the last two posts in my smoothie series, you can catch up here & here. I’ve been busy (as usual) talking about, blogging about, and drinking green smoothies. I have also fallen in love with a “non-green” smoothie. What do these two smoothies have […]

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Live More Healthy Days

So knock on wood but I haven’t caught the “thing” going around the office lately.  I, like most people I assume, hate getting sick.  I have a really hard time functioning when I am not feeling 100%, so when I am sick… watch out! (what can I say? I wear my heart on my sleeve). […]

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