Burrito Bowls

Happy Wednesday everyone! I have officially outdone myself… Introducing BURRITO BOWLS (City Sneakers style)!!! I created this recipe on the fly last night and I think it is safe to say, it was everything I want a recipe to be:¬†quick, easy, delicious, healthy, and packed with flavor! ¬† How to’s: 1)¬†Cook rice or be lazy […]

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Wow! Can’t believe it’s Friday (don’t worry, I’m definitely¬†NOT complaining). ¬†It’s been a whirlwind week! Since my big news and my official first day of marathon training, my schedule has been packed to the gills! I have had dinner with friends, early morning workouts, short lunches, and long work days. My sister also happened to […]

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Back to reality

Hey there! I’m home! This means back to reality (work, studying, “chorey-type” things). I had a fabulous vacation and feel very rejuvenated. It was hard leaving my sister, but knowing I get to see her again soon made it a little easier. What the heck did I do for the past four days?? A few […]

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sunshine, running, puppies, and the best peanut butter you’ll ever have

Hi Y’all! ¬†Happy Saturday!! Amazing day so far. ¬†Not bad when you can say that at 11 AM.¬† Nothing like walking outside early in the morning with your skimpy running clothes on and feeling perfectly comfortable, NOT cold even a little bit. ¬†Sorry San Francisco, this is one thing Burbank does right… warm weather! ¬†The […]

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Kale, I love you!

Did you have a good Thursday? I am feeling 99.8% better than I was yesterday and will be able to resume all of my normal workout/run habits starting tomorrow! ¬†Woo hoo! Last night I became Susie Homemaker. It’s amazing what you can get done with all of this extra time on your hands. The extra […]

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Reason number 34,378 why I love San Francisco: waking up on a beautiful Sunday morning and watching CARNAVAL from my window while eating french toast & drinking a green smoothie. “Carnaval San Francisco is a beloved two-day event featuring a Grand Parade and two-day Festival, celebrating music and cultural elements from ¬†Latin American and Caribbean […]

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