Bucket list

1) run across the Golden Gate Bridge   

2) Hike Machu Picchu with my sister 

3) Grow my hair long, chop it off, donate to Locks of Love & then do it all over again!

IMG_0849 IMG_1076


4) Run a full Marathon

5) Become fluent in a second language

6) Go on a safari

7) Hot air balloon ride

8) Learn to swim

9) Go to Disneyworld with my family

10) Run a 1/2 or full marathon in another country

11) Go to the Olympics

12) Leave someone a HUGE tip!

13) Run the Lululemon 1/2 marathon (SeaWheeze) in Canada with my BFF

14) Rescue an animal

15) See Haley’s Comet

16) Yoga retreat with my Mom & sisters

17) Ride a zip line through the rainforest

18) Grow and eat as much of my own food as possible

19)  See the Eiffel Tower & walk to the top!

20) Yoga teacher training 

21) Watch the ball drop in Times Square

22) BALI

23) Hug a redwood tree

24) Publish my book

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