I am so happy you stumbled upon my little blog…

Welcome to the world of Hali.  It is with great pleasure that I share a slice of my life.

I started this blog with the intention of tracking my marathon training & workouts… then something magical happened.  I left a job, a city, a stagnant lifestyle, & an old mindset.  I arrived in Arizona more “lost” than I ever knew possible.

I began to write about body image, self confidence, and eating disorders.  Soul searching became my full-time job. I began to write from a genuine place and the authenticity felt wonderful. I believe strongly in supporting others on their road to recovery from anything that isn’t serving them any longer.  I believe in the harnessing and sharing of good energy vibrations & have seen the effects of cultivating positivity in my life.

I picture a world where we can love our bodies, enjoy our lives, and find joy in simple pleasures. I love to photograph beautiful places, moments that make me smile, and people that I love.  I live and breathe yoga.  I have a deep love affair with dark chocolate & am fueled by good conversation.  Green smoothies are my daily ritual & dirty chai almond milk lattes are my treat.

I believe in the power of love, dream of a life full of travel, and my secret is a daily dose of sweat.  Mantras & daily affirmations are the cherry on top of my soul searching sundae, and I promise to share many healing sentences with you.

If you follow along, thank you. It is with great joy that I share some of my deepest fears, hardest struggles, happiest moments, and greatest dreams.








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