Rambling about acclimating


Good morning or good night to my fellow night shifters!

Late February to mid March I was busy immersing myself in nature. I was off night shift for the first time in over a year and I felt so awake and “normal” that it made me realize just how zombie-like I was before this break. This morning I’ve been looking back at a handful of beautiful nature-filled moments I’ve had here so far:




Of all the things that I’ve tried to help cope with night shift life, being in nature is one of the most helpful.


Tonight I go back to night shift. Of course there are cons but working nights is awesome in some ways. The introvert in me secretly loves when all the day people have gone home and the lights get turned down. Sometimes you see a different side of patients than what was seen during the day. Sometimes people lose their shit at night- anxiety bubbles up, they are suffering massive insomnia from being in the hospital, they may sundown… IMG_0286

FYI- my love affair with Adidas track pants started around 2010. I’m still rocking the OG pair. Women of the world hear me now. Spandex can’t even begin to compete with Adidas track pants. What I learned quickly upon moving to Northern Idaho is that these pants (my “warm” pants) do practically nothing for wind chill and snow hiking. But, $9 fleece lined leggings UNDER adidas track pants + wool socks+ beanie+ 3 layers on top= I tolerated a 30 degree hike and was much more fun to be around. I could not get over all the people I saw in hoodies and capri yoga pants. Ankles exposed? And 1 top layer? I have a lot of acclimating to do.


The other way to handle working nights- this girl right here. Maddie.


We are looking forward to warmer weather.


Sending you a smile. And a reminder that it’s ok to not be ok right now. If you can, go outside today. If it’s sunny, catch some rays for me while I sleep the gray afternoon away.




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