Happy New Year!

Hello 2015!  It is so nice to meet you. Please fill me up with happiness & allow me to love better than I’ve ever loved before.  Remind me to take care of myself & to challenge myself.  May I remember to honor the past & then let it go, always.

I resolve to be truthful- to myself & others.  I resolve to be kind- to myself & others.  I resolve to look people in the eye more & stare at my phone less.  I will strive to be brave, even when fear creeps in.  I resolve to listen IN, to work IN, and to trust IN; for I know that my intuition is my guide and key to the truth.  I resolve to keep practicing non-attachment, understanding that everything in life is impermanent.  I resolve to read more.  I resolve to judge less & love more.  I resolve to stay awake.  I will work to achieve my wildest dreams, remembering the mantra: If not NOW, then WHEN?  I resolve to complain less & to smile more.  And finally, I resolve to be more present-  for myself & others.

Happy New Year!



Do you have any resolutions? Dreams? Good wishes?


With LOVE,






Love is All I Got by Feed Me & Crystal Fighters

Too much coconut milk ice cream

Car ride to Anthem 





One thought on “Happy New Year!

  1. Hali! Love this!! I couldn’t find much clarity thinking about my intentions for 2015, but your CRYSTAL clear! Love it. I hope that it can add one more thing on your 2015 list: keep writing! Amazing work! Xo

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