Here we are, in the last month of what I would call one of the most challenging years of my life.  The potential to look back and resent, be regretful, delusional, sad, or to be angry is great.  The holiday’s have a funny way of stirring the pot.  This time of year mysteriously brings things to the surface, driving people batty.  Maybe we push through the first eleven months with such force and quickness, that by the time December arrives, we are too tired to hold it all together??  I have found myself getting roped into that collective energy of frenzy.


Yesterday I remembered just how important it is for us to let things come and go.  The emphasis being majorly on the “go” for many of us.  Sometimes I wonder why it is so hard to just. let. go.  I remembered that whatever it is that is gone, certainly left for a reason.

I remembered just how vital it is that we find the courage to embrace change instead of curling back up into the comfort of the known.  Today, I laughed at myself for feeling sorry for myself and I forgave myself for expecting to be perfect.

If I have learned one thing in my 26, going on 27 years, it is that life takes gutsEverything worth doing takes time.  Everyone worth getting to know will challenge you, frighten you, and completely excite you.  Love is the reason we get out of bed every single morning.  It is the reason we fight and try and panic and fall apart.  Love is what lifts us back up.  Love makes the world go round, yet we have absolutely no control over it-  we can’t hang onto it with certainty, we can’t buy it, and we can’t really describe it, no matter how hard we try.    

With the new year close, I open my arms wide, blessing every soul that helped carry me to where I am today.  I lived and breathed your courage when I couldn’t remember how to cultivate my own.

Don’t let this Holiday Season get the best of you.  Embrace the frenzy, thank and bless the years challenges, and let go.




Whatever you are scared of, do that.




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