Thank You

Today, between bites of scrumptious food, may we look around and allow our hearts to be filled with nothing but love.  May we recognize how truly blessed we are.  May we thank every individual and situation that has ever greeted us on our walk through life.  No matter the interaction, good or bad, each relationship and experience touches us, changes us, moves us, challenges us, and allows us the opportunity to learn.  This learning allows us to grow, and this growth allows us to feel more; to empathize with others on a deeper level, because we have been there.


Today, may we honor and acknowledge the fact that we are all one;  That our energies and interactions are changing all of us, all the time.  May we hug one another a little tighter.  May we help one another a little bit more.  May we put our cell phones down, look each other in the eye, and really listen.  May we never take our health for granted.  May we never waste a day feeling unloved. May we forgive ourselves and others.  May we allow love in.

For every single person that is or has been a part of my life, I bow down to you. I am eternally grateful for your compassion, your patience, your kindness, your energy, your acceptance, your sense of humor, your understanding, your shoulder to cry on, your criticism, your confidence in me, the lessons you have taught me, for every second of your time and attention, and last but certainly not least, for your love.

This year, I have less but I am far more grateful.


Love, light, & gratitude,


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