Valley of the Sun

Lake Pleasant, AZ: The air was still and the sky ominous.  Each wash filled with an array of rocks, so pretty that I walked with my head down for hours.  I kept wondering how the hell so many beautiful rainbow colored chunks of earth ended up in one place at one time.


We found sun bleached bones of animals, or maybe they found us, begging to be honored one last time.  Cacti and burs scratching our legs as we discovered each brittle piece.  So much life on this land, even amongst the signs of death.


The fastest way for me to remember my connection to spirit and to exist in the now is spending time in nature.  Even if that “now presence” is short lived, I am grateful for each experience, because it reminds me how much time I spend not present.

DSC_0707  What I have learned in the last eleven months is that there isn’t only one way to get there (whereever it is you are headed in your life), and there are an infinite number of ways to overthink the how & why as you progress along your path.

With each new place I witness I am bombarded with lessons to learn. It is amazing what happens when you open yourself up to the mystery of the unknown.  tunnel visionFor me,  feeling life and all of its decisions, twists, turns, and question marks, instead of just thinking rationally about it, is my practice right now.  I believe in that place in all of us that deeply knows.  I believe in that voice that beckons you to take a wild chance, to risk everything in the name of love, to abandon that vision of what you thought your life should look like, and to discard your mask once and for all.

And, I believe in the power of nature to bring us closer to that knowing.

sillouhette yoga

Get outside soon & find your bliss.



2 thoughts on “Valley of the Sun

  1. Hi Hali,
    I love your site, very grounding and from the heart. We need sites like this to remind us of the Bliss we are entitled too. HUGS, Ananda

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