Take all the time you need

There should be no rush in this beautiful, magical, sometimes deeply upsetting & wildly chaotic thing we call life.  Remember your breath & the power that you have.  Take your time, especially when you feel that time is a limited resource.  Slowing down creates space, it enhances your creativity, & allows you to listen to your intuition.  Be present during difficulties & ask yourself these questions: What is this challenge allowing me to practice? What lesson can I learn during this hard time?  How am I being tested?

We all want to rush through the hard times & live in the joyous moments for eternity.  Next time you experience this rejection of what is, sink in deeper.  Look for the lessons & feel the fear that rises to the surface when you allow the unfortunate time/place/thing/experience to just be what it is. Give yourself space & time.  Our perception of how much time we have is so subjective.  Don’t rush the hard things.  Don’t cling to the glorious things. Be in each moment.

Take all the time you need.  


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