The way love makes you move


Move the way love makes you move.   Sashaying, skipping, frolicking, spinning, arms in the air, hair flying wildly about.  Move into everything you possibly can with the joy of love propelling you forward with every step.  Move into uncomfortable, new things with intrigue.


When you move the way fear makes you move you will always be looking over your shoulder- your heart full of distrust, your mind running through all of the negative possibilities, manifesting the worst of scenarios.  Fear makes your eyes dark, your shoulders hunched and brow furrowed.

Assume the best, as often as you can.  Believe that you have the strength to get through the worst, should it arise.  But don’t entertain every single bad thought, don’t give your thoughts that much power.  Don’t succumb to fear.

Let the anxieties of yesterday and tomorrow dissolve as you gently touch the thoughts of them like delicate flowers.  See the fear disperse as you embrace the now with open arms.  Accept the moment fully, no matter how distasteful it is.  It is all you have.


Love will always be enough.  It will always be there for you.  Waiting for you to remember it & waiting for you to use its power to free yourself and others.

Do you remember how you galloped as a child, the sun on your cheeks and the wind in your hair?  Do you remember a time when you felt such bliss that you closed your eyes and wished for that moment to last forever & ever?  Do you remember a time when you felt more hopeless that you knew possible?  Do you recall a time when you smiled & laughed for so long that your cheeks hurt?


All of these little memories, these moments of ecstasy and pain, they are a part of your experience yet do not define you.  Let go of your deep attachment to what you were, to who hurt you, to what you have done right or wrong.  Let go of your anger; it is a dark, potent poison that will kill you if you continue to drink it.  You are beautiful in all of your flaws and complexities.  You are whole, no matter how broken you feel.

Today, how will you move into something with love in your heart?  How will you choose food, drink, exercise, work, relationships, hobbies, & habits with love in your heart?  Today, create one positive thought, repeat one helpful mantra, smile at a perfect stranger.  Resist judging someone simply because you know that your judgment is fear based.  How would the world look if we allowed each other to be flawed and fabulous?  How would the world look if we made decisions based on how our souls felt instead of how they inflated our bank accounts?

Today, look at your undesirable habits with curiosity.  Be the observer, not the critic.  Figure out what, if anything, would make you feel more alive & well.  Do those things.  The undesirable habits will lose space and eventually disappear.


Today, move the way pure love makes you move.  Breathe.  Then let the rest fall in line.




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