From the bottom of my heart…


To every single person who took the the time to read my last post and to every kind soul that took the time to comment, email, text, & Facebook message me.  Your thoughtfulness, understanding, and respect has moved me.  I was so terrified to post anything too revealing for many reasons.  Truth is, I had written many eating disorder posts in the past, only to delete them moments later.  So, THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart for graciously accepting me– the real me.


As you may know, this week is National Eating Disorder Awareness Week.  If you are interested, check out this short article: 5 Facts to Remember during National Eating Disorder Awareness Week.

I challenge you to a week sans “fat talk” or any kind of word vomit.  You know, that constant internal soundtrack that doubts you, criticizes you, holds you back, makes you afraid, calls you nasty things that you probably wouldn’t ever say to anyone else.  The inability to take compliments and the need to say things like “No, I look fat, I look like shit, I feel gross…etc, etc”.  The repetitive, negative phrases that you may not even realize you say…. ALL of that garbage.

I wasn’t even aware how many times a day I said awful & totally useless things to myself until my partner brought it to my attention.  The things I said to myself in my own head were even worse.  It’s a constant challenge whenever you are trying to break old habits, especially habits that you’ve had for 10+ years.  But, the first steps are noticing and admitting the behavior.

Check out this quick video for some anti “fat talk” motivation.

I am celebrating my health this week and thanking my lucky stars for readers like you, that supported me sharing my secret.  I am also thanking the people that have been there for me through the thick & thin and who believed in me when I couldn’t.


Have you ever noticed your own fat talk?  Someone else’s?  

How have you broken bad habits in the past?



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