Self Confidence Starts at Home

This You Are Beautiful encounter literally brought tears to my eyes.  DSC_0533Four generations of strong, beautiful women 

The few moments I spent with these women reminded me how important it is to teach your children to love themselves.  Self confidence starts at home.  Children watch, listen, and learn from their parents.  Ultimately, this helps the children develop their sense of self worth.

Our own body image helps shape the body image of the children we raise.  Try teaching someone about self-care when you don’t practice it…  it’s pretty tough.

Every time you say something negative, you are not only labeling yourself, but you are limiting yourself.  You are what you think you are.


These women kindly answered my one question:

What would you tell young women struggling with body image & self confidence?

Diana: “Be yourself…You don’t have to be a stick…”

Krista: “Love yourself for who you are.”  


I was also reminded how small the world really is when I found out that one of these women went to school with my sister.  This chance encounter was meant to be, as many moments in life are.  Another reason to always spread LOVE instead of HATE is that you never know when you may run into someone again and your words and actions have the potential to affect someone for a lifetime.

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