One important question

My mission to spread YAB stickers has become a total passion of mine.  I have stuck them on street signs, walls, benches, mirrors, doors, utility boxes, soap dispensers, bike racks, parking meters, mail boxes, bus stops, trash cans, and more.

Even though a YAB sticker is small, its message is powerful and very meaningful to me.

DSC_0537 2

Imagine the power of handing You are beautiful stickers out to complete strangers.  What would their reaction be?  Would they allow me to take their photograph?  What advice would these strangers give to someone struggling with poor body image and/or low self confidence?

Today… I found out.


Meet George & Jenna

I stopped this beautiful couple on their walk this morning and they kindly posed for a picture.

I asked them this one question- What would you say to someone struggling with body image and self confidence?

George: “Stay positive!”

Jenna: “Having struggled with body image my whole life…Never give up.  Stay persistent and positive.  Leave the past in the past & save the positive for the present [and future].”

I loved hearing what these two had to say.  Beauty is all around us and at any given moment you have the opportunity to see it in yourself and others.  What would you tell someone struggling with body image and self confidence? Is that person you?


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