Killer Curry Cravings

I would seriously contemplate doing highly illegal things right now for some good Indian food.  Seventeen days.  No San Francisco.  No Aloo Gobi.  No Chicken Tikka.  No Papadam.  I may die.  Spicy Bite, Alhamra, Mehfil… I dream of your scrumptious dishes.

Three words…Killer. Curry. Cravings.

A few things I miss since leaving San Francisco:

1) Indian food (think you got the point already)

2) Good coffee.  Even the “bad” coffee in SF is good coffee.  If you are sipping on an almond milk latte in SF right now, I kind of hate you a little bit.


3) BART.  Yes, I said it & no, I am not crazy.  I miss being able to rock out to JT on my way to work, or catch an extra two minutes of sleep on my way home.  I miss the awesome people- watching moments, I miss feeling good about how minuscule my ecological footprint is… I miss it all.  I am driving here for the first time in 7 years.  In SF, I managed to live completely car-free and I loved every second of it. (Ok, I did complain a few times about how heavy my produce was, but to be honest, that is why all the bay-area-ers are in such good shape, right?)

4) Many people.  You know who you are.  XO.  I also oddly miss seeing some of the homeless people that I became accustomed to seeing every single day.  To the man at Civic Center Bart Station that I used to give cuties and bananas to on my way home at night, I hope you are hanging in there.

5) The hills.  Sometimes I used to get to work early and as I talked to my mom on the phone I would power walk the hills.  I freakin loved starting my day that way.


6) My neighborhood- the Mission.  I miss so, so many things about the Mission.  I miss my house, I miss the small markets where I could get a dozen tortillas and 6 bananas for less than $2.  I miss the murals.  I miss that everything I needed was contained on one single street.  And, I never thought I would say this, but I sometimes I miss the noise.  Somehow, you could never feel alone with all that noise outside.



7) The park.  If you live in San Francisco, you know which one & you know why.



8) Finding amazing (and free!) workouts all over the city with my BFF, KP.  Athleta became our second home and we were fortunate to meet some really inspirational, incredible women there. (LOVE ya Kelley Heye!)

9) Goodwill dates with my friend Tam.  I used to find more Nike Dry fit stuff than at the Nike store itself!  Three words- Pacific Heights Goodwill.  You’re welcome.


10) The feeling that you’re in a little bubble of awesome-ness and that nothing else matters.


My heart is still in San Francisco.  My curry craving is off the charts ridiculous.  But, I am slowly getting the hang of a new *temporary* life, I am married to my biology book & I am pretending that my Mom’s poodle is my very own…


What would you miss if you moved?



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