Coping 101

Today rocked. I woke up on the wrong side of the bed and spent almost 3 hours at the DMV. But, I made it my challenge to enjoy the day.

One Trader Joe’s shopping spree, lunch on my patio (in the sun!!!) with the world’s best poodle, a few chapters of my current book called Yoga Bitch (seriously haha), an afternoon nap, an awesome gym session, dinner with my Mom, and a long soak in Epsom salts later…And wah-lah! I successfully tackled my bad mood.

Tonight’s gym time included:
15 min on elliptical
10 min on stationary bike (hilly course)
Totally kick butt plank routine that I will have to post for y’all
Weights (legs!!!)
Girly push ups and tricep dips
Foam rolling & stretching
Smiling, cuz it felt so dang great to sweat!
—Taking it slow, for my poor little foot—


Since I could probably write a what-not-to-do break up book and a how-NOT-to cope when sh*t gets tough book, developing healthy coping mechanisms has been on my mind a lot lately. I have started to keep a little list and thought I’d share ….


For big moves, life changes, love, loss, and whatever else may come your way:

1) When the going gets tough, stick to at least one familiar thing.

I made my homemade tomato soup the other night. It instantly brought me back to the memories of making it so many times in SF, and it truly felt like comfort food.


2) Move your body in any way you can (even if that means laying on the carpet in your pjs doing yoga stretches)

3) Find something, anything to be grateful for. I think I have been grateful for the heated, leather seats in my car more than once this week (at least that’s a start!)

4) Remember that stupid true saying that “change is the only constant”.

5) Call your friends and family.  Sometimes hearing about other people’s struggles/success puts your life in perspective.

6) Hang out with a dog or a cat or a cow or whatever animal floats your boat. I am most interested in hanging out with hypoallergenic poodles 😉


7) Remember that when you’re hungry, things start to seem a lot worse. Avoid hangry moments at.all.cost!

8) Don’t dwell on the past. Anger and regret don’t change anything. As my good friend KP says, “shoulda, coulda, woulda” -amen sista.

9) Make a few goals.  It’s ok if they are REALLY basic in the beginning- my biggest accomplishment today was finding Trader Joe’s and buying kale chips.

10) Realize that bad feelings and emotions will eventually fade and that you are stronger than you think.

11) Listen to your favorite songs on repeat.  I won’t embarrass myself by sharing my repeat playlist.

12) Give yourself time limits on your next pity party or nap. Today, it took me 40 minutes to convince myself to get out of bed, but that’s ok!

13) Read a good book. My current read, Yoga Bitch, is kind of rocking my world.

14) Try something new. Spanish class here I come.


15) Even when all you want to do is wear sweatpants and stuff your face, try to get up, get dressed, and fake it til’ you make it.


16) And last but not least, go easy on yourself, cuz after all, you’re just human.

How do you cope??


3 thoughts on “Coping 101

  1. great post! i love your chin-up attitude. 🙂 i use a lot of those same coping methods. also, i loved, loved, loved yogabitch!! i could not put that dang book down! i was glued and enjoyed several, crazy, out loud lols

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