Everyone you love is made of stardust

Hey everyone!

Sorry about the last post being a little heavy.  What can I say?  I wear my heart on my sleeve (at.all.times).  I know we have all gone through/will go through our version of heartbreak and despair, so I figured it was better to be honest than try to fake a happy-go-lucky post.

Since moving, I have worked for hours upon hours on organizing my house, so that I feel a little bit more “at home”.  So far, so good.


I have also started working on my resolutions, which really aren’t anything that special but things that I know I lost touch with the last several, crazy months.

1) DO MORE YOGA & rehab my injured foot:

As you may remember, I got injured while training for the NWM 2013.  Since then, I haven’t kept you too up to date on that injury, partially because the process of discovering my diagnosis and treatment plan was very delayed (and FRUSTRATING!).  Quite frankly, I still am not 100% sure how to proceed.  Long, boring, depressing, annoying story short, I had a stress fracture(or a few? –3 different doctor opinions) and posterior tibial tendonitis that healed after about 8 weeks in the boot, and then a crazy increase in foot pain when out of the boot for a week.  So, I wore the boot a total of 3.5 months until I finally received an MRI that showed some peculiar navicular bone “defect” and “possible” cysts.  The doctors were not sure what to do and told me that “pain is my guide”.  Helpful right?  😉

Since then, I have been out of the boot, managing the pain, and trying to get back to my normal life.

So, part of that getting back to normal is getting back to my balance PRE-marathon training.  Before I got obsessed with the full marathon as my one and only goal, I was quite the yogini and felt pretty darn good.  So, this year I have decided to take it one day at a time, and to do more yoga, which I have done the past two mornings.  I did about 30-40 minutes on my own and was pleasantly surprised that my foot was only mildly uncomfortable after.

The next steps to rehabbing my foot will be pool running, weight training, more physical therapy (?), and listening to my body.


My eating habits got supremely screwed up and I started to slip back into old, very unhelpful patterns.  So, this week, my challenge for myself is to make something (anything!) for breakfast.

It was SO good to jump back on the green smoothie bandwagon yesterday. IMG_1504

I also had a great lunch with my Mom yesterday and my goal is to keep it up!


3) PLANK A DAY with the ultimate goal of a 5 MINUTE PLANK:

This resolution rocks for a few reasons- you can do a plank just about anywhere, it takes only minutes, and it totally works.

6 pack, here I come 😉



I start school on Monday (EEEKK!) and I have my application for volunteering at the VA Medical Center all filled out and ready to go.  It took a big move, lots of tears & huge life changes to get my butt back in school, but I am proud that I am finally making it happen.


I hate to admit it, but I can totally be a negative Nancy.  It is a quality that I really want to work on this year.  Glass half empty/worst case scenario/Debby Downer is not serving me anymore.

Yesterday morning I found inspiration on Facebook.  A lovely gal in SF posted this beautiful, beautiful, poem and I swear it lifted my mood the entire day.


I have many more resolutions (could probably fill an entire book) so I will dole them out instead of boring you to death.

What are some of your resolutions?  (if you make any!)



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