Best friends have the best ideas

Happy Weekend!!

We are freezing to death here in San Francisco.  Single pane windows, no central heating, and old victorian buildings are not conducive to arctic temperatures.  But, I am layering up and using this opportunity to wear my glitter leg warmers.

What a week of fun I had… Cirque Du Solei show with my work for our annual Holiday party was a smashing success!  I was amazed throughout the entire show.  I only managed to snap a few pictures before getting yelled at by security 😉
IMG_0385 IMG_0381 IMG_0380 IMG_0389

I also got to spend an amazing night with my bff at NightLife at the Academy of Sciences.  I just love this lady!


The evening started with seeing an albino crocodile…


Then we listened to music while it “snowed” ….


We got crafty & made headbands entirely of scrap material!


We saw the reindeer….


We had an insanely delicious cocktail called “Reindeer Games”.


When we saw that the line for the photo booth was ridiculously long, Kelly had the brilliant idea of creating our own photo booth…. in the bathroom.  This is why we are friends. 


We visited the rainforest…




And then we called it a night!

What have you all been up to lately?!



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