Fall seven times, stand up eight

Hello there,

I am alive! I am sorry for my long absence (again).  I promise you that these last three weeks you would not have wanted to read what I had to say.  Like I mentioned last time, LIFE has been happening major-big-time.  And when I say LIFE I mean that tough things have been happening and very tough decisions have been thought about, cried about, and eventually made.  I promise to dish out as many juicy and pertinent details just as soon as I am able to put it all into words.

I wanted to at least acknowledge that my happy-go-lucky blogging days have been few and far between and I deeply appreciate those of you that will still pop in to see what I have to say.  I promise that my blog-itude won’t depress you but I do want to “keep it real”.

I am thankful for those of you that have been here for me the past few months.  I am grateful for those of you that gave me a little tough love and reminded to get the hell back up after I fell (a few times).

fall 7 times

I hope you all had a marvelous, delicious, relaxing Thanksgiving, full of kisses, hugs, pie, and laughter.  The picture above I took on my last day in San Diego… the sunset blew my mind.

My Thanksgiving was wonderful.  I was close to family, I had several adorable dogs to sit on the couch and snuggle with, and I had a total of 5 days off in a row!

Meet Dot…SUCH A PRECIOUS GIRL! #souglyshescute


Meet Grace…lovely, sweetie pie poodle dear.


 My sister does dessert right…


Family love…

IMG_0188 IMG_0178 IMG_0141

I can’t believe December is upon us.  This month I will turn another year older, I will get to finally meet my beautiful baby niece, I will be leaving my job that I have loved for the past two and a half years, and I will be moving.  (More on all this later!)





6 thoughts on “Fall seven times, stand up eight

  1. Hi Hali, so nice to see your blog posts back. Your pictures are so great! I luv your hair, it looks really cute! Glad you had a nice Thanksgiving! Hope you’re hanging in there. Miss you and hope to see you soon!

  2. Hal! Please don’t stop blogging and sharing your adventures. You have such a wonderful spirit it should always be shared! Keep smiling, appreciating and inspiring! I look forward to tales of your future!! Much love, please lets never lose tough! Kelley

    1. haha! I love when you call me Hal 😉 Thanks for always encouraging me Kelley. This world is a seriously brighter place because you’re in it! I’ll keep in touch for sure.

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