Pancake sandwiches and embracing the boot

Last night I took breakfast for dinner up a few notches with this insanely delicious peanut butter & banana pancake sandwich.


This was preceded by my winning a THIRD gift card to Athleta!  I now have a mini stock pile of cards just burning a whole in my pocket.  I can’t wait to treat myself to one of Athleta’s new fall looks.  Plus, I miss the classes and smiling faces of Athleta, so I am due to go back ASAP.

DSC_0357 DSC_0358

Today I decided that the boot (that I curse in my head) really deserves a little love.  Yes, my foot is still painful.  But, the boot has been protecting my foot all day, every day.  Plus, cursing the boot won’t (sadly) make my foot heal any faster.


For anyone out there running, yoga-ing, cross-fitting, walking, lifting, hiking, swimming, biking, or thinking of doing something active and rad…



Just do it for your family, your health, your sanity, yourself, your ego, your bragging rights, your bucket list or just for the sake of doing it.  This boot won’t stop me from saying cheesy things, wearing inspirational workout clothes, or from talking about running.  Sorry I am not even close to being sorry! 

Favorite pancake topping or filling?

Favorite exercise?



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