Coping 101

Happy Thursday!

THANK YOU to those of you who have reached out, commented, called, emailed, and texted to tell me that you are thinking of me.  Your kind words and encouragement have kept me going!  

Four weeks ago today my marathon training came to an unexpected, screeching halt.  I don’t think I’m “over it” but instead, I’m distracting myself really well!  

When you want to feel sorry for yourself…. 

Look forward to something instead:

Screenshot 2013-10-09 19.57.09

I can’t wait to visit Disney World for the first time ever.  My sister and I are running the Disney Princess Half Marathon (it will be her first, and I am overjoyed to share in her first-race experience!!!!!)

Bake something chocolatey with a side of chocolate, and then douse that in chocolate: 



When I wrote this post I was overwhelmed with sadness about my injury and needed a place to throw all of those emotions.  Sometimes listening to loud music helps too.

Take a bath or soak (while eating dessert is a bonus):



Count your blessings:


My beautiful, perfect, niece was born this week.  I wish I was there to hold her.  Pictures of her melt my heart and make me remember how much I have to be thankful for!

KEEPIN MY HEAD UP! How are you??

Do you have any injury coping methods?



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