Feeling sorry for myself is so last week

I have let myself cry.  I have felt sorry for myself.  I have watched bad TV & spent a few good hours playing candy crush.

Now, it’s time for planning my journey through this injury, it’s time for dreaming of the races and the long runs to come, and it’s time for a little inspiration.

Right now, my “training” consists of wearing the boot to protect my foot/take pressure off the bones/tendons, contrast bathing (alternating ice & heat), several stretches for the tibial tendonitis, and lots of rest.  I am also trying to take it day by day instead of talking about what might happen in two weeks, if I can walk without the boot and if x, y, & z happen.

My inspiration comes in all forms.  I am in love with street art; a love that blossomed on a trip to Europe with my sister.  We have tons of pictures of street art with hearts or the word love, something that we couldn’t stop noticing one we started.

Last year, I went to Europe with my Mom and I was on a mission to find and photograph many more inspiring murals in the streets, tags on walls, and art in strange places.  It’s amazing how beautiful the world is when you just look around you.  If you can find beauty on a dirty city street, a smelly city bus, or an old, run-down building, then you can find beauty in your life, even when things aren’t perfect.

I have been looking back at these photographs the past few days & wanted to share a few with you…


100_1067 100_1248 100_1207 100_1247 100_1205

100_0720 100_1208 100_1246 100_1251

100_0718 100_1273



Life is too short for me to waste time crying over this injury.  Yes, I think you should allow yourself to feel an injury, be upset about it, but eventually… you have to move on.  I will be soaking up inspiration from anywhere and everywhere.  I have also started a really meaningful little project that I will post about soon.  Follow me on Instagram for a sneak peek.

I hope you are having an amazing weekend! What/Who inspires you?



4 thoughts on “Feeling sorry for myself is so last week

  1. I adore your pictures of street art! They are book worthy. And you’re so brave about your injury. Can you work? Maybe marathons aren’t your destiny, but you will find out for yourself. I’m gald you’re taking care of yourself, not that you have any choice. I’ll be thinking about you when I leave for Hawaii Tuesday. Love and hugs, Hali!

  2. You inspire me Hali!!! You inspire me every day. Life happens when we are busy making plans….or something like that. Finding beauty in street art! Only you would see that. You are one person I know that really can say they enjoyed this journey we call life. Can’t wait to soak up some of your inspiration. See you soon.

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