Never saw it coming…

I think it’s about time I update you….


Exactly 15 days ago, it was a normal Wednesday morning.  I was running, thinking about the Nike Women’s Marathon, high on life, and feeling strong.  At about mile 4 (of my 8 mile planned run) I had what I would call a “tiny foot twinge“.  To be safe, I decided to cut my run short and just run 5 miles.

Thursday morning I awoke with intense, stabbing foot pain.  The kind of pain that makes you wish your Mom was around to hold you and tell you that everything is going to be ok.  (Calling my mom was the next best thing…)

I saw a doctor right away and was informed that I was at high risk for a stress fracture.  My running shoe was replaced with a boot and I would be lying if I said I wasn’t devastated by the thought of not being able to run the marathon that is now just a month away.

The first several days I was in severe denial.  Then I was just plain pissed the hell off.  How did I not see this coming??? What happened??? Could I have prevented this injury???  Thousands of thoughts raced through my mind. 

This past Saturday I became depressed & scoured the internet for answers.  I even desperately googled things like… “can you still run a marathon with stabbing pain in 5th metatarsal & arch?”

Of course, I didn’t find the answer I was looking for, but I did find this great article titled How to Cope With the 5 Stages of Injury Grief.  If you are currently struggling with an injury, I feel your pain (literally & figuratively ;-)) and for those of you who have had an injury in the past… thank you for being strong and reminding me that I will get through this.

Four appointments, two X-rays, and one bone scan later, I was overjoyed to hear that I DO NOT have a stress fracture!  Unfortunately, I have posterior tibial tendonitis.  And, unfortunately, I am still in quite a bit of pain.  On the bright side, today I was able to finally take the boot off and try out a new pair of shoes with arch supports.  It feels weird to have to “work up to” walking for more than 5 minutes at a time, when just a few weeks ago I was running my 19 miler and feeling stronger than ever.

So, right now, I am taking it day by day.  I am more grateful than ever for those closest to me, that have helped talk me through the recent ups and downs.

Have you ever had a foot injury?  Or any injury that prevented you from doing what you loved?  How did you cope?

Stick with me…. The running posts & inspiration will be back…




8 thoughts on “Never saw it coming…

  1. Hang in there Hali! I know running is awesome, and I surely know how sad it is to not be able to do it Right Now….but you are SO many other things besides a runner!! Can’t even list them all here because it would take up too much space and time. So I’ll just condense it by telling you….you are an all-around smart beautiful awesome lovely compassionate kind hearted and interesting girl! You’ve got tons of support and so many people who love you! Hang in there Hali! It’ll all be totally okay, as time really does heal just about everything (even heels! ;o) Love and miss you lots! /Karen

  2. Hali, one of your grandmothers favorite sayings was: Everything happens for a reason – you just have to find out what the reason is. I love your blog, but I am not always sure about how to respond to it.

  3. Oh honey, I am so, so, SO sorry to hear this. You know I’ve been fighting with my own injury, and it is so discouraging. At the same time, it is humbling to be in so much pain that you can barely walk, let alone run (that’s where I was this weekend). I hope for a speedy recovery for you. Do you have any idea how long you might be out? I’m so glad you don’t have a stress fracture! Totally sounds like something that I would have Googled, too. Hang in there!!

    1. Girl!!! Thank you so much for your kind words! I am headed to another doctor appointment now… Not sure how long it will take to get me back on my feet. I hope you start to feel better too! It really is incredibly humbling… And tough! Hang in there and keep writing 🙂 we will both be back running before you know it😊

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