Nothing is ever good enough syndrome

Do you know someone who is “Type-A”? A perfectionist?  An overachiever?  Maybe you have been called one of these things or self-identify?  I know there have been a few “serious posts” lately and I promise light-hearted, leopard print wearing, chocolate eating, street art reporting, SF loving posting will be back again soon… but for now, here comes the serious (and of course a little bit of sarcasm).

I think a few too many of us suffer from a medical condition (yet to be discovered or researched ;-))

This condition is actually a syndrome that goes by the name-

“Nothing is ever good enough syndrome”

Major signs & symptoms:

  1. Long to-do lists (with some unreasonable expectations/deadlines)
  2. Major self-criticism & berating despite a high level of performance
  3. Inability to live in the moment AKA perfectionism
  4. Advanced stages can progress to general dissatisfaction with one’s life



  1. Inability to relax or take time off
  2. Striving for perfection
  3. Multitasking



If one is working to a point of exhaustion, always thinking productivity can be increased, &/or things can be done better/more efficient or that more can be crammed in a day….  A diagnosis is made.


  1. Forced down time (i.e.: one must partake in one “just for fun” activity every day with NO multitasking.  For example, one hour of TV without catching up on computer work or lifting weights)
  2. Mindfulness, meditation, deep breathing, yoga- anything to slow the mind down
  3. Repeat the mantra “I am enough” (even if NOTHING gets “done” today)
  4. Live in and appreciate the moment because ultimately, striving for happiness is much more practical & meaningful than striving for perfection


This syndrome first became apparent to me during a long phone conversation with my mom the other day.  We both promised to “schedule” down time into our busy lives, which was a brilliant idea.  We also reminded each other that the “nothing is ever good enough” way of thinking, is an easy way to become unhappy quickly.

Some of the ways I have been “treating” my syndrome the past few days have been reading cool articles, playing candy crush (yes, I am about 2 years late on most trends), sipping on lemon water (spppaaaa water as I call it), and taking afternoon weekend naps.  I finally understand nappers, like my blogger & chocolate friend Taya!

Two articles I enjoyed during my down time:

23 Things Every Woman Should Stop Doing.  Read it here !

10 Mistakes to Avoid at Your Next Marathon.  LOVE reading about running almost as much as I love to run.  Here ya go! 

I hope you had a wonderful weekend!  Here is to hoping we can all be a little less hard on ourself.  And, here is to hoping we can strive for happiness, not necessarily just busy-ness.



2 thoughts on “Nothing is ever good enough syndrome

  1. I’m definitely Type A to the extreme. Last night, I couldn’t sleep because I was thinking about all of the things that I had to do today. I realized that, yes, it would be crazy to get up at 3AM and start doing them. I definitely need to chill out.

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