Bittersweet banana bonbons

Today started out like most other days- I ran in the near dark, did my 7 minute plank workout, stretched, ate, and then hustled to get to work.   Well, I take that back… before I actually made it out of the house I had a melt down.  An all out, don’t-really-know-why-I-am-freaking-out-FREAK-OUT, and anything or anyone (sorry Lali) was coming down with me.  Thank god this “episode” only lasted a few minutes. After my 5 minute walk to BART, I was embarrassed at my behavior and baffled as to where all of the anger & intense energy came from.


The point to telling you about this not-so-hot moment of mine was to remind you that we are all human.  Sometimes we flip out for no reason, sometimes we cry, sometimes we are irrational, mean, and do or say crazy things.  But…. life goes on.  HUGE shout out to HRG for keeping it real recently by reminding us that yes, even bloggers are human.

In hindsight, I am actually happy that I had this momentarily lapse of sanity this morning because it gave me (yet another) chance to react & figure out how to get through it.

In the past, I have always done two things after an emotional outburst/bratty moment/bad day:

1)  DENY that I had a bad moment/morning/day, that I overreacted, that I said something cruel or hurt someone.  The reason for this denial is/was simple- I am afraid to mess up.  I am terrified of anything besides perfection.

2) BEAT MYSELF UP with lots of negative self talk that I shouldn’t be “messing up”.  I shouldn’t be losing my cool or being dramatic, or having a bad day.

What I know now:

1) Denying anything real (emotions, bad moments, rude comments to a loved one) don’t make those moments disappear.  Denial doesn’t help you learn or grow from that situation.  And, denial doesn’t allow you to accept the fact that YOU ARE HUMAN and these real life things are normal.

2) There is no such thing as being “perfect”.  My perfectionist mindset can create unrealistic expectations.  There is no peace in this type of thinking & no room for real life to occur.

3) Sometimes “freaking out” is good for the soul.  If you realize that you hurt someone in the process or said something you didn’t mean, admit it, apologize, and move on.

4) Beating yourself up is a waste of energy.  Enough said. 

And, last but not least…

5) A little chocolate can cure many of life’s greatest evils 😉


Now, as I promised in my last post… a super quick, easy, and delicious sweet treat recipe!

Bittersweet Banana BonBons



1) Bittersweet chocolate (I love SB 70%)

2) Bananas

3) Chocolate melter (if you’re a chocolate addict like me & actually have one of these babies) or you can melt  chocolate the old fashioned way- double boiler on the stove 😉

4) Tupperware container

5) Parchment paper

Read this if you need help melting chocolate. 



1)  Line a tupperware container with parchment paper

2) Cut banana into bite size chunks


3) Melt chocolate

3) Coat each banana piece with chocolate & set into tupperware


4) Pop tupperware in the freezer for at least 4 hours.  I left mine overnight.

5) Once your bittersweet banana bonons are frozen solid, remove from freezer, break apart, & ENJOY!!!!

DSC_0300 DSC_0304

Today’s run was an intense, hilly, grueling workout.  NWM 2013 hills,  BRING it.

Boy is this street sign appropriate.


How do you get through a bad day? Do you ever struggle with perfectionism?

Favorite fruit dipped in chocolate?? (Strawberries, banana, mango.. ok that’s 3!)



4 thoughts on “Bittersweet banana bonbons

  1. I’ve definitely had my fair share of freak outs. Who knows why they happen, but they do. I struggle with wanting to be perfect, too, but life is a lot more interesting when you aren’t perfect, which is a good thing because I am far from it!

  2. Chocolate and wine…..chocolate and wine…..chocolate and wine….works every single time!!! :o) Luv your posts Hali. Can’t wait to see you SOON!!

  3. I think God made chocolate just for us perfectionists as a consolation prize when we realize perfection is impossible for us humans! :). Great recipe Hali. Thank you sweetie.

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