Heaven is a place called Dolores Park

Dolores Park on a beautiful day is hard to beat.

CitySneakers Instagram

As I declared on Instagram… “Heaven is a place called Dolores Park.”  

CitySneakers Instagram

I spent Labor Day in this beautiful park, lounging on a blanket, sipping Perrier, and staring at the beautiful sky.  Not a bad Labor Day if you ask me.   I didn’t always appreciate the little things… like how pretty the sky looks, or how delicious something tastes, or how nice it is to have a day off.  Yesterday was one of those special days where I allowed myself to slow down and simply enjoy life.  I slept in (!!!!!), ate pancakes the size of my face, and then took a stroll to the park (where I stayed for the remainder of the day).

This long weekend was also spent doing other things I love.

Green Smoothie-ing…


Shopping & admiring/wearing my new purchases…


Produce buying…


Riding the Ferry to a beautiful wedding…




IMG_1691 IMG_3112

Enjoying the beautiful sky (again)…



IMG_7904 IMG_3274

AND Running…

I hope you all had a fabulous weekend!!

Stay tuned for some tasty treat recipes coming soon…. 🙂

Any big plans for September?



4 thoughts on “Heaven is a place called Dolores Park

  1. You look like Tilda Swinton, with that movie star charisma. Wish I could see you in person, but at least I can keep in touch through your blog! Blogs are a great invention!!

    1. Awe Taya!! I miss you so much. I was in the Ferry Building and almost cried when I saw that silly bean store had replaced our beloved chocolate store. Blogs are amazing, aren’t they?? I have you to thank… you started all of this blogging in the first place 😉

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