Our summer has arrived!!!

Happy 3-day weekend to you!!!! 

It’s official, San Francisco has finally warmed up!  I (and every other resident) have been outside for as many sunny moments  as humanly possible the past few days.  It’s funny when everyone is saying goodbye to summer, we are saying hello.

The best part about having a 3-10 day summer… you can justify the hell out of enjoying every single second of it! 

I have been loving *warm* running because it secretly makes me feel more like a “real” runner, who is crazy-dedicated enough to run in the “heat” 😉  (those of you in Arizona, Texas, etc feel free to roll your eyes!)

Nothing like a late night walk to get ice cream…. while wearing SHORTS!!!! (ok and a thin wind breaker just in case there was wind chill)


Summer days are made for salads, sandwiches, chips &  guacamole, and copious amounts of fruit!

Summer days are also made for lounging by the pool…. (or in my city living case, a random fountain in the financial district)

I am ok with fall coming since I finally got to wear a sun dress (sans leggings, sweater, scarf)


I also went shopping for new shorts (ok, ok, I admit I bought running shorts).


And the cherry on top?  I enjoyed an amazing, warm summer night, sweet treat.

Today, I am headed to a wedding and am keeping my fingers crossed for beautiful, sunny weather!  I hope you have an amazing day, where ever you are at & whatever you are doing!

Catch up with you later!  (When our 75 degree weather is gone.  Don’t worry, it won’t be long 😉 )



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