Don’t call the fashion police & an 18 miler

HAPPY WEEKEND!!!!!!!!!!!!

So today when I got home from my run, I looked in the mirror and suddenly wondered if people on the streets thought I had dressed myself blindly….


Let me give you a little fashion/style/life background:

My sisters will tell you that I have always had a “unique style”  and by that they mean that sometimes they are embarrassed to be seen with me.  In high school I got very, very into shopping at thrift stores, vintage stores, and heck even a few garage sales.  My wardrobe was off the charts awesome (to me).  I never spent a fortune on anything, but loved every article of clothing I had.

In college, I got weirder (and by weirder I mean even more awesome 😉 ) and my wardrobe followed suit.  While living in the dorms I had a few token outfits that I just couldn’t get enough of.  Faux fur and leopard print became my two most favorite things in the world.  I think I may have given my older sister a mini stroke the first time I came home for the holidays 😉  She loathes leopard print…. I adore it.


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Fast forward to today…

I wear scrubs five days a week to work & work-out clothes the rest of the time.  I don’t have that many opportunities to dress up anymore & quite frankly, I am totally okay with wearing scrubs and spandex for the rest of my life.  I do sometimes miss dressing crazy & embarrassing my family though.  Maybe this nostalgia was the reason behind my running outfit today….


SO, it may not look that bad from this angle & the picture is a little dark… BUT here is my color scheme:

coral lunar glides, bright purple pro compression socks, a red lulu running skirt,  a grey & white flowery patterned lulu top, and teal ray ban sunglasses.  

If you saw me in person, I think you would have felt a little sea sick from all of the textures, colors, and patterns I was rocking.  But, what I realized is this…. no matter what age I am, there will always be that thrift-store shopping, dyed mullet sporting, leopard print loving girl inside me.  And, as long as the running clothes are functional, you can wear as many colors and patterns as you want & it will NOT mess up your run.

I love this.

Running doesn’t require us to wear makeup, spend an hour on our hair, or even match our socks.  You don’t run better if you look prettier and you don’t run better if you stress about matching your sports bra to your shirt.

When I really think about it, I always found it very liberating to wear whatever the hell I wanted.  Sometimes in high school this meant me sticking out or being made fun of.  Would I change that if I could?  Hell NO.  One of the things I strive for each day is self confidence…. regardless of how I look on that given day.

Oh ya, I was going to tell you about my run 😉  I keep surprising myself with these long runs.  If you have a long run coming up and are nervous about it, tell your doubt to take a hike, lace up your shoes, and go run.


Right before I left to run this morning I got my daily inspiration on my phone & it was perfectly on point.


Three cheers for running, inspirational quotes, “what not to wear” outfits, and the weekend.

I hope you are enjoying every moment of this beautiful day!

Have you ever gone through a “unique” fashion phase??

What is the longest distance you have ever run?

Do you like inspirational quotes?



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