How to survive a San Francisco summer & a PR

Whenever I see someone post a picture of their thermometer reading 100+ degrees, I try to stop and appreciate San Francisco’s “summer” weather. Saturday night, (like all Saturday nights) I sat and watched Lali’s soccer game as I froze my butt off. Well, I take that back. I was prepared to freeze my butt off, so I was just slightly cold.

IMG_3076 IMG_3073

I can finally say (after 7 years of living here!) that I know how to survive a San Francisco summer!


Key point one:

LAYER, LAYER, LAYER. If you want to survive the windchill & foggy mist, you must layer. That means tank top, tee-shirt, long sleeve, sweatshirt, jacket, beanie, jeans & knee high socks….. all wrapped up in a blanket. This is exactly what I did Saturday night. Worked like a charm.

Key point two:

As my Mom would say “Warm yourself from the inside out” 😉 This always helps take the San Francisco “summer” edge off. Saturday night I made sure to bring my largest to-go mug full of hot tea.

Key point three:

When going to a BBQ/the park/ any kind of outing, where it is actually warm enough to wear shorts, don’t be fooled by the shining sun. You must always throw a pair of spandex pants/jeans/leggings, a beanie, and a hoodie into your bag for later. As soon as the sun goes down, you will be very thankful for those extra clothes. On the fourth of July, my outfit change made for a MUCH warmer, happier evening.

Key point four:

When you forget key point one-three, you are likely to freeze your booty off as soon as the sun goes down. So, key point four is, remember that SF “summer” is unique, changes before you can blink, and will make you wish you had your finest fur coat with you.


Yesterday, my long run was 13.1 miles. I kept telling myself that if I could run 15, I could do 13.1. It will never cease to amaze me how much of a mind game running really is. I started out too fast, so struggled a little bit in the middle, but I was thrilled with my overall time!

City Sneakers Instagram

I got pretty excited when I realized that the Nike Women’s Marathon is 55 days away!


I hope you have a great Monday. Here is to the start of another training week!

Do you have a hot, warm, or cool summer?

Are you working out today?



4 thoughts on “How to survive a San Francisco summer & a PR

  1. I live in PHX where we have really hot summers. really hot. I usually run at 5:30 AM, and often it is already 90. 😦 I don’t like it, but I keep doing it. I’m looking forward to when it starts cooling down, and suddenly I’m able to run faster because it isn’t so hot!

  2. You know, I think I’d love San Fran summer every time I wanted to go outside for a run, but there is something about being able to wear shorts and tank tops and NOT be cold in the summer that I love! I’m not sure if I’d be okay with losing that!

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