Repeat after me…

I finally saw The Help a few days ago and absolutely loved this scene. I think everyone could tell themselves and others that they are smart, beautiful, worthy, strong, kind, witty, and/or totally freakin awesome more often!

I spent months years of my life worrying about what I wasn’t and putting myself down.
We really can be our worst critic when we should be our greatest friend. Life is hard enough without constant self criticism.

I have worked for several years (and continue to work) on this simple mantra: “You are enough“…exactly the way you are at this very moment. You are not your latest achievement, you are not your 10 mile run, you are not good or bad because of a number on a scale, you are not your job, your greatness doesn’t disappear on a rest day, nor are you less worthy of love/nourishing food/fun, if you haven’t been productive.
You are enough.

I hope you have a fabulous Friday!!! I am about to board a plane. Can’t wait to see my family!


If you haven’t said one kind thing today to yourself or someone else… Do it now!



4 thoughts on “Repeat after me…

  1. Great post, great positive thought! Reminds me of a favorite quote from C.S. Lewis – “If God is satisfied with the work, the work my be satisfied with itself” To me, this means that, as long as I am sincerely trying, I will always be what and who I should be at this moment.

  2. I love that scene too… are smart, you are beautiful…..!!!!! You are incredible my dear. Keep up the work. It’s something I’m woking on everyday too – To give myself a complement, Instead of cutting myself down, I try to find something good to say, when I walk by a mirror I give myself a complement, when I accomplish something as simple as hanging curtain rods, I tell myself “good Job!”. There is enough out there to tear us down, we are sometimes the only one that can smile and tell ourselves we did a good job, we did the best we could, we worked hard today, and we are beautiful. I’m so proud of you Hali!

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