Don’t invite me to your sleepover

This weekend my big sister was in town for the International Grand Ball, Ballroom Dance Competition.  Before I met up with her and her dance partner on Saturday, I had a productive morning of running, planking, stretching & pancake eating.  The weather was cool (aka perfect), the sights were glorious (Embarcadero waterfront), and my new gear was awesome (Nike running skirt & sports bra).

Nike running skirt, ProCompression socks, and Lunar Glides=love
Check out this view!
Still taking it slow & my leg seems happy
10 miles & I am drenched in sweat.

After my run, I refueled with some lemon-lime Nuun & brunch.  Then, I met up with my sister & her dance partner.  We spent all afternoon shopping (I window shopped) and then ate a fabulous dinner.  Next, it was off to their hotel.

I could become a professional hotel guest and love my life.

The ballroom competition didn’t start until 11:00 PM, which is basically 3 o’clock in the morning Hali time.  When my sister told me she was going on at 11, I thought,WHHHHHAT?!  By 9PM I was struggling to keep my eyes open so I had a latte while they got ready to dance.  If you know me, you know that this is crazy talk.  I drink coffee maybe two times a month, so when I get it, I REALLY need it.

Finally, the dancing began!!!! My sister definitely sucked the gene pool dry in terms of creativity & gracefulness.

We got back to the hotel room and I got comfortable (wearing heels for an hour was way more than I am used to ;-)) Then, eventually the lights when out and the TV went on.  This basically means that any chance at a fun, stay-up- late, slumber party is gone for me.  I am someone who has googled “Do I have narcolepsy” more than once.  I am a “lights-go-off & movie-goes-on-& Hali-has-the-sleep-of-her-life” kinda gal.  I sit in a moving vehicle for more than five minutes and I am out.  I have sweat pants on and happen to sit on a couch/bed/chair… Snooze time it is.

SO, basically, this is a warning-  Don’t invite me to your sleepover, unless you are inviting me to SLEEP.  The other bad part about this hotel scenario is that since I usually fall asleep a good 3 hours before anyone else, I usually wake up at the crack of dawn.   AGAIN- Don’t invite me to your sleepover (especially if it is at a nice hotel).  This morning I woke around 6:50, ready to go to the gym.  I fumbled around with my workout clothes and tried to search for the hotel key using the light from my Iphone.  SORRY SIS that I make SO much noise when I swear I am quiet as a mouse.

Waking up early was so worth it.  And, staying at a nice hotel… WHAT A TREAT.  I could really get used to this.

I did two miles on the treadmill, bringing me to 12 total for the weekend.  I was happy with that and glad that my leg seems to be responding well to running slower than normal.  I also did a lot of strength training, which made me want a gym membership again.

When I got back to the room, my sister was awake and we got ready to go.  Before she had to fly out, we met up with my love & we all had an amazing lunch at Frjtz.

If in SF, you must go.

Signature hand-cut, twice-fried pomme frites with curry Ketchup & strawberry mustard (or any other crazy dip you can imagine)  Need I say more?

sweet potato > regular potato 😉

DSC_0960 DSC_0964

It was sad to say goodbye to my beautiful sister & her amazing dance partner.  Lali and I mourned their leaving properly by doing yoga in our PJ’s, and then eating a big bowl of Indian food.  Overall, the weekend was really great.  Great food, amazing company, some awesome running/training, beautiful dancing, and a lot of relaxing.

I hope you had a great weekend!!

Did you workout this weekend?

Have you ever been to a ballroom dance competition?

Night owl or early riser, or BOTH?



8 thoughts on “Don’t invite me to your sleepover

  1. WOW your sister is so impressive!! I’ve never been to a dance competition but I’ve seen a few movies about them and they seem so fun!

    I go to bed early and wake up early too…it’s so annoying haha

  2. That’s incredible for your sister! So much fun! Mr PugRunner took me to a Dancing With the Stars live performance about six years ago, and it was pretty incredible. I always think about taking lessons, but I just never make time for it.

    I’m an early bird and a night owl. I am also useless between 2 and 4:30 in the afternoon.

    1. Oh how fun! That must have been great to see. Yes, some day I should take lessons (I have NO CLUE how to dance). You should do it with Mr PugRunner one day 😉 I am both too I think… and I am totally brain dead at work by 3:40 as well.

    1. Thanks so much!! I have had the Lunar glide 1-4. I am on my 3rd pair of 4’s. Want to get the 5’s! I tend to buy them on sale when a new version comes out so have yet to get the newest 🙂 I would say they last about 250-350 miles. I run on asphalt/concrete 98% of the time so i feel like they “die” quicker. I also error on the side of under running in the them (to avoid injury) and end up wearing them to work for a few months after I stop running in them. Hope that helps! Have a great day!

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