I never thought I would say this

The running break I had to take forced me to focus a lot on nutrition, time management, and stress relief.  This was a good thing. I have stepped it up in the food department and I’m learning that my body needs a much more substantial breakfast than I was eating.  I also have already felt the benefit from heavier food items like eggs and (never thought I would say this!) the occasional piece of bacon!

BLAT= bacon, lettuce, avocado, tomato.

My day started very early again (4:40 AM alarm ekkk!).  I had to give myself enough time for my 7 mile run before getting to work by 8AM.  When I left, it was actually still pretty dark out!

Yes, that is the moon.

There is something about running before the sun comes up that just feels right.  My leg doesn’t feel perfect, so I am running slower than my usual pace and  I am trying to be very mindful of how I feel.  So far, so good.


Work today was bittersweet.  I had to say goodbye to my dear friend & coworker, who is moving on to bigger and better things 😉 I really hate change, in all aspects of my life, so this change is going to take a while to get used to.

This weekend my beautiful & seriously talented sister is coming for a ballroom dance competition and I can’t wait to watch her dance!  Now, if only it was 5 PM on Friday already!

How is your week going?

What is your go-to breakfast?



4 thoughts on “I never thought I would say this

  1. So impressive that you got out of bed at 4:40! I haven’t had such a positive mind set when I’ve run in morning darkness, usually I’m just really cranky! I’m glad it’s working for you though — such impressive resolve!

    1. Hi! Thanks. I admit it is very hard sometimes to get out of bed at that hour but I just try to remember that I NEVER regret it & feel SO good going to work knowing that I have already done my work out. 🙂 Thanks for reading & hope you’re having a great weekend!

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