Midnight snacks & soccer games

I thought I would pop in to say a midnight hello.


Still no running, which really bums me out.  But, c’est la vie.  I think I will be good to go in a few more days.  I have been struggling a bit with anxiety (running usually helps) and with what the doc informed me is vertigo.  No bueno.  (I guess this post is also a display of my fluency in other languages 😉 )

Today was a rest day to top all rest days.  I slept in & TOOK AN AFTERNOON NAP.  This almost never happens.  Lali had another late night soccer game (they WON again!!!!).  I have really been enjoying watching the game while drinking tea and looking at the beautiful night sky.



As soon as I took these two photos I was reminded of this song…

When I got home from the game, I made a delicious protein shake which I drank while reading some of my favorite blogs.  I think I should start having a yummy shake like this as a midnight snack (read 9 PM on week days) more often.


Tomorrow I am going to an MCAT information session, and then plan to meet my friend Kelly to hit up Target for some school supplies!  I can’t believe my post-bac program is starting in a month!  Since I am a huge school nerd you will likely read many future posts about flashcards, highlighters, weird science facts, and late night studying tactics.

This is what I tell myself while I study for 12 hours straight with my bed head & adidas track pants on 😉

I hope your Saturday was fabulous!  Bonne Nuit!

What is your favorite late night snack?

What is your favorite sport to watch?

Do you ever feel anxious?



8 thoughts on “Midnight snacks & soccer games

    1. It feels good to be understood! Yes, you are right… Yoga is a there for me too! I need to realize that running isn’t always an option! OOOooO French fries! That makes me want sweet potato fries 😉

  1. Hi Hali, hang in there! Lots of ways to keep moving forward, even if you can’t run just yet. It’ll all be okay!! Speaking of running, and not being able to but hoping to SOON….can’t wait for the Disney Princess Half!! It’s gonna be SO MUCH FUN! (Even if I only get to go to the expo and get all the cool stuff, it’ll still be awesome! ;o)

    Miss you! See you SOON!

    1. I am SOOOOOO EXCITED about the Princess 1/2! We are going to have a blast even if we are walking/crawling/being transported (haha!) across that finish line. Lots to look forward to! Thanks for the encouragement!! I am almost there!

  2. My favorite midnight snack is strawberries dipped in a mixture of strawberry creme cheese and marshmallow creme!!!! It’s yummy! The same dip tastes wonderful on raspberries, black berries and grapes! (yes that’s what I had last night at midnight while I was trying to put my kitchen together!). I wouldn’t wish verdigo on my worst enemy, if I had one. It SUCKS!!!!! Hugs,

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