Week four marathon training, unconventional style!

Hello friends!

It’s time for my weekly training update.  Let’s see… how do I say this?  Week four was mentally challenging and physically painful.  As you know, I was forced to take a running break.  I thought it would be just a few days, but it looks as though my body is screaming for some more rest.


This my friends, has brought up a lot for me.  First off, it gave me more time to think and more time to actually feel my body as I stretch and slow down.  It also made me confront some of the things I am still working on (read: diet, relationship to food, and accepting that things don’t always go as planned).  I think positivity is a very potent medicine, so I am trying to focus on the things that I can do now (stretch, strengthen, nourish my body well) instead of worrying how much running fitness I am losing or how many training runs I am missing.  I am also getting acupuncture to help speed things along.  If you haven’t tried acupuncture, I highly recommend it!  Oh, and I did have that lovely deep tissue massage 😉  I am all about the self-care lately.


I think an injury or training plan derailment is a perfect opportunity to evaluate what you are doing in terms of sleeping, eating, resting, etc.  I have been dissecting these aspects of my life (yes, I warned you that I am THAT intense) and seeing some gaps/weaknesses.  Hopefully with a few tweaks, I can learn from this injury instead of just hating it, learning jack squat, and then repeating the same mistakes.

Very modified training schedule week 4:


Tuesday- 3 mile run

Wednesday – deep tissue massage & mad stretching

Thursday- home yoga practice

Friday- Stretch & strength train

Saturday- Yoga class @ Prana

Sunday-burn class

Today’s workout:

3 planks & a variety of other great things, all recorded on my new homemade chalk boards! (thanks Pinterest!)

Favorite eat of the week:

“Can I buy this in bulk?” good.

Inspiration Station:

Lali (bless his soul) showed me some of his favorite inspirational videos last night.  These things perk me right up! Hope they help you too!

Did you tear up just a little bit??

Have you ever had an injury?

What is something you struggle with?



11 thoughts on “Week four marathon training, unconventional style!

  1. I’m so, so sorry to hear about your injury. I get nervous after not running for a few days, so I can’t imagine how you feel. You’re handling it really well, and I love your perspective. Sometimes when things happen in life, the only thing you really CAN do is be positive and try to learn everything you can from it. Get better soon!

  2. Have def had a couple injuries, odly all caused by me chosing asthetic over ergonomic. I’ve learned my lesson.

    I struggle with eating/booze. Fuel is key to what we’re trying to accomplish; yet life throws you curveballs that make wine and gin & tonics a staple of a healthy diet. I really need to focus on this.

    Hope you heal up and continue to kick ass!

    1. Oh no! Poor thing! Good you are taking rest days. Usually shin things are shin splints. Try doing toe taps (keep your heel on the ground and just tap your foot on the ground repeatedly) and also sit somewhere and with your leg extended and draw the ABC’s with your foot. These two things always worked like a champ for me when I was in track !

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