cross training & cookie doughing

Hi there! How was your weekend?  I had a great weekend even though I am on a mini running break.  Sometimes when I want to be bummed out about something (running break for example) I remember that I live in one of the most incredible cities around, and get over it.  75 degrees and sunny in July?! Just. can’t. get. enough.

Saturday morning started out right with a free yoga class at Prana with my bff.



After the class we stumbled upon a festival and farmers market- both pleasant surprises!



That evening I watched Lali’s soccer game (and nearly froze to death, EVEN with my faux fur coat on).  THEY WON! Woo hoo!  They are on a winning streak now & I hope I don’t jinx it by writing about it.

Sunday morning I woke up early and went to a BURN class.  It kicked my booty.  I left sweaty, sore, and happy.  Here is to hoping cross training will help prevent future injuries.

After the class I got my study on.  Ophthalmology is so interesting!!! There are so many eye facts I want to tell you about.  But, for now I will spare you an anatomy lecture 😉


Later on, my friend Kelly came over and we took a very long, warm walk.  We went to my two most favorite places in the world on the way- RAINBOW GROCERY & SPORTS BASEMENT!  If I won the lottery, you would probably find me at Rainbow with a basket full of gluten free cookies and  kombucha and then at Sports Basement with 45 new running outfits.  It doesn’t take much to make me happy 😉

I passed on the most amazing running shorts in the world (hint: they were leopard print) and settled for the new watermelon Nuun, which Kelly and I happily gulped down after carrying groceries several miles back to my house.

Verdict: DELISH!

Oh, and of course we found some awesome street art on our walk.



The rest of my Sunday was spent doing what I do best…

Confession: I usually eat more dough than actual cookie.  Thank god this recipe is vegan or I would have serious Salmonella poisoning by now.  I think instead of saying “I am going to bake cookies” I should start telling Lali that I am going to make cookie dough  and intend on eating it from the bowl, with a spoon, while wearing my adidas track pants.  Trashy is the new classy. 😉

To get pumped for Monday and another week of training (in whatever way I can- with or without running) I used a little bit of inspiration before hitting the sack.

Thank you QUEST NUTRITION for helping me justify my weirdness & intensity!
Love this!


What did you do this weekend?

Any awesome food confessions?

If you won the lottery, which 2 stores would you hit first??



6 thoughts on “cross training & cookie doughing

  1. You had me at “cookie doughing”.

    Food confessions: Cracker Barrel has fried okra. I didn’t know this until I found a stray on my plate of biscuits and gravy. I will be going back to Cracker Barrel soon for one reason and one reason alone.

    If I won the lottery: I’d hit up Tourneau and pick up a Hublot and then head on over to Zachy’s and stock the badass wine cellar I’d inevitably add to my house.

    This past weekend…too much craziness (look forward to your read).

    Have a kickass week you kickass chickie!

    1. haha yes, I think cross training and cookie doughing are going to get me through a few more days of no running. Oh wow, fried okra! I have never even heard of such a glorious thing. You are a warrior… read your post yesterday! Have an insanely amazing week too.

  2. Yoga AND a farmer’s market? That sounds amazing. It’s been so hot here that I can’t imagine being outside for any period of time at a farmer’s market. I haven’t eaten cookie dough in years, but it is always the kind with egg…whoops.

  3. Yes! I love yoga+farmers market 🙂 I am lucky because it only gets above 80 degrees here for maybe 4 days in the whole summer. Gatta love cookie dough! I am pretty sure I ate my fair share with egg as a kid!

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