Fit Friday the 5th!!


I hope your 4th of July was fabulous.  I had an absolute blast.  It went a little something like this:

Delicious food, good friends, sweet champagne in plastic cups, fireworks, warm weather, and a dance party=

a 4th of July to remember!


IMG_7189 IMG_3702 IMG_6645

In honor of Fit Friday I started my day out right with some stretching, foam rolling, and muscle-building.  It was VERY tempting to go on my usual Friday morning run since my calf is feeling 70% better… BUT I am sticking to my few days of rest until my calf feels 100%.  I don’t want to take any chances this early on in my training and I am inspired to get stronger.


After a 20 minute yoga and foam roll sequence I did the following:

 3 boat poses for 20 seconds each

Plank (couldn’t even hit my 2 minutes today…maybe it was the champagne!? 😉 ) 

20 push ups

40 crunches

20 donkey kicks each side 

10 fire hydrant booty lifts each side

Today was my 2 year anniversary at work!  It is crazy how fast time flies.  Just two years ago today, I was a timid college grad, starting my first day of work in the medical field.  Boy, have I come a long way.

One of the doctors I work for surprised me with some amazing goodies to celebrate my 2 years.  She knows me well 🙂


After work I scored a few awesome items for my work-in-progress exercise room.  Updates on the room coming soon!


I hope you had a wonderful 4th and are enjoying your Friday the 5th!  Take time this weekend to pat yourself on the back for showing up each and every day for your job, your workout, your family, your friends, and for yourself.  Sometimes we forget to appreciate how awesome we truly are.

Do you have an exercise room at home?  Do you have a gym membership?

How was your 4th of July?

Anyone running this weekend?



4 thoughts on “Fit Friday the 5th!!

  1. Nice!! Hope you had a blast. I “played” a little soccer on Saturday & by that I mean I helped my boyfriend warm up for his game by kicking the ball around 😉 It was fun!

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