Weekend & race recap

Wow San Francisco, keep giving me your sweet sunshine & make this weekend last forever!


After going to bed at a decent hour on Friday and then sleeping in on Saturday, I felt 1,000 times more energized and back to my normal self.  I tend to get up early on Saturday mornings, so this weekend felt luxurious.  Even more luxurious, or should I say tasty, was Saturday morning breakfast!

Pancakes with peanut butter rock my foodie world
This blog should be called “Green Smoothie Queen”

 Later that evening I watched Lali’s soccer game.  It was a pretty intense game but, they WON!

Beautiful field & sky


I stayed up a little too late on Saturday (see a pattern here?!) but spent some time on my race prep ritual.  Call me OCD, but I must have everything laid out the night before a race.  If not, I can’t sleep because I keep thinking about what I might forget!




The short & sweet version:  THIS RACE ROCKED!

The long-winded version: 

Why I loved it

1) Great location/stunning views (GOLDEN GATE BRIDGE!)


2) Easy day-of-race bib pick up, awesome bag check people, fast lines


3) Cool new race distance (1/4 marathon= 6.55 miles)


4) For a great cause 

From their website:

“Recognizing that for those of us who can make the choice to Live Ultimate, there are more than 16 million vulnerable and voiceless children who cannot, we created THE LIVE ULTIMATE END CHILD HUNGER INITIATIVE, a platform to help raise funds and awareness to call attention to the reality that there are children going hungry in America every day. This grassroots movement with the calling; Don’t Stand For Hunger-Run To Help End It, is part of the Live Ultimate Run Series’ effort to end child hunger in America.”

LU-End-Child-Hunger3 NKH_cmyk_cs3

5) AMAZING post race eats/samples/vendors (this is after I ate/drank some of the goodies!)

DSC_08335) A cute comfy shirt, perfect for my post race day of lounging

Don’t all normal people wear sunglasses inside 😉

Overall, I loved the location, staff, course, organization, and sponsors & would definitely run this race next year!

I don’t have my official time yet, but according to my runkeeper this was my fastest 6.5 miles.  WOO HOO for a PR!


Screen Shot 2013-06-30 at 7.27.45 PM

After the race, just when I thought my weekend couldn’t get any better, it did! My friend Kelly picked me up (bless her soul!) and we went for coffee and a farmers’ market trip!

Now it’s time for a Sunday night movie!

How was your weekend?

Do you have any pre-race rituals?

What are some of your favorite races?



6 thoughts on “Weekend & race recap

  1. You are SO AWESOME! Congratulations on so many successful running milestones lately Hali! So happy for you that you found something you love so much. Running rocks. Love reading your blog. Miss you!

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