Balancing act

Happy Saturday!!!

These past few days have been challenging to say the least. My job can be very intense and this last week was no exception. I missed the blogging world for a few days but I think that was just what I needed. I also cut a run short and went to bed early last night. All three of those things were good decisions. One of the hardest things in the world for me is balance & moderation.

I tend to be an all or nothing, type A, self critical, hard working woman. Sometimes, my fully packed schedule and high expectations leave no room for error. Of course I am human, so “error” occurs all the time. Sometimes I am tired, hungry, cranky, stuck late at work, or have obligations pop up that weren’t originally in my schedule. I kind of hate that phrase “everything in moderation” and that is because it is something I need to embrace & work on. Isn’t it funny that I am annoyed by the things/people that remind me of my least desirable qualities.


Since I take on so much at once & expect to perform perfectly at it all (studying to become a COA, Post-Bac program, full time work, training for a marathon, blogging, maintaining relationships, etc) it is no wonder that sometimes I find myself frazzled.

By Wednesday night I was exhausted. Lali said as I was stretching on my yoga mat I was nodding off. It is good to put it out there that I want to find a little bit more balance. After all, life is really one giant balancing act isn’t it??

Tomorrow I am running a “quarter marathon” and am very excited! Fingers crossed for beautiful weather again.

How is your weekend going?
Do you have trouble with balance and moderation?



5 thoughts on “Balancing act

  1. I’ve me never heard of a quarter marathon! Sounds like the perfect distance though 🙂 have fun!’

    1. I know!! I had never heard of it either… doesn’t is just sound way cooler than 10K or something else K? 😉 I had a blast, thanks!! The weather was gorgeous and the golden gate bridge is always a site to see while running!

  2. I’m completely Type A also, and it’s really hard for me to chill out sometimes. Good for you for taking a break when you needed to. We’re all still here now that you’ve gotten back 🙂 Can’t wait to hear how the quarter marathon went!

  3. I think most of us struggle with balance. I know I do. In our quest for perfection, we tend to think that if we put in more hours, it will help When actually, exhausted and stressed, we tend to make more mistakes and not get what we want done anyway. My biggest challenge is also getting to bed and getting enough sleep. Let’s work on that this week!

    1. I couldn’t agree more mama!! Isn’t is so funny that we are both night owls but also love to get up early? Bad combo huh!? Yes, let’s work on this and keep each other accountable! XO

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